Happy Easter to all!  Our Sunday morning service here in Chengdu was refreshing and invigorating.  We had visitors from all over the world, including a couple from North Carolina come to pick up their newly adopted child.  Fitting for the day, I thought.

We also had some members of an acting troupe at fellowship from New York.  They are here rehearsing for performances of The Sound of Music, to be performed here in Chengdu before heading to other cities.  It’s exciting to see international-quality events coming to our small city of 11 million – the Women’s World Cup, Cats, and The Sound of Music… we recently found out that Steven Curtis Chapman will be passing through our city in May as well!

We get on a plane tomorrow with 20-something students in tow, as the choir under Sarah’s leadership heads to their annual festival in Tianjin, a city close to Beijing.  Sarah’s going to direct, accompany, and for general crowd control; I get to watch.  🙂