The title there just about says it all.  I’m kinda proud of it. 

The weather has unexpectedly given us a beautiful day today.  (We would have known if we paid attention to the weather report; we usually don’t.)  It was especially worthwhile as we celebrated the wedding of one of our national staff and my former co-teacher, Joy.  Joy and her husband Collin have been married for the past three years, but are now having a wedding ceremony with family and friends to celebrate the union.  This is a normal occurrence in China.  Some people wait to have the ceremony because of financial constraints; others, like Joy, waited until 2008, abiding by her parents’ wishes, because it is a year of great fortune (read: the Olympics are coming to China).  It was a beautiful time.

We’re doing fine, by the way.  If you pay attention to the news you know that life has been stressful here in Western China over the past week.  Though the US consulate and our company have encouraged us to be careful, our lives have not been effected by recent events.  We have heard rumors about bombs placed on buses and people being killed in our city, but no one knows for sure and the local media won’t be clarifying these things anytime soon.  We went into town last night for dinner and to see a play called Lethal English put on by the Cheeky Monkey Theater Company (great name; it was canceled – sad).  Passing through the central square of the city we saw police with riot gear and guns, which is an odd sight, but that was the extent of local reaction in our experience.  Our neighbors still feel comfortable flying their prayer flags. 

Incidentally, there was also an earthquake which measured 7.2 in Western China recently; don’t worry, that didn’t affect us either.  Saying we felt it would be like saying we felt an earthquake with the epicenter in California while in Texas.

Sarah and I have entered a busy schedule.  With leaving China on the horizon (about 75 days left), our four-day week gave time for a Friday work day for the Spring play; grades for the third quarter are due on Monday.  Wednesday we leave for TianJin for a choir festival, and the following weekend the students have four performances of Little Women.   The following weekend is the Spring formal; then our solo and ensemble festival, and then… well, you get the idea.  We appreciate your continued thoughts!