We’re in Tianjin, with one day of choir rehearsing down, and one day to go… it was a long day for Sarah, who spent most of her day at the pianoor conducting the women, while with a cold.  (It’s her birthday today, by the way – she’s 26!  And we had lemon cake from the cafeteria, a tradition for her.  The lemon cake, that is; not the cafeteria.)

 Another reason the day was long was the traffic: what was supposed to be a 20-minute bus ride from hotel to school took over an hour and included us walking several blocks.  Apparently earlier in the day a decision was made to temporarily turn a two-way street (of 6 or 8 lanes, mind you) into a one way street.  Combine this with all the pre-olympics renovation going on in the city, and you start to see the difficulty…

This evening we went to a shopping complex for dinner, and there saw the Chinese version of the American grocery store, Trader Joe’s:

Trader Zhou’s

Way to be original.  More rehearsing and a concert to come tomorrow!