For our students, the past week has had an emphasis on college planning.  We had an admissions representative from Loyola speak to the students on Tuesday; on Thursday there was a field trip to the US consulate for a talk on college opportunities in the States from the Institute of International Education.  That evening Chengdu held the first-ever (in our experience, anyway) college fair with several US universities, including many state schools.  SUNY Buffalo was there, which is close to home and the alma mater for many friends from High School.  It surprised me to see them there, come to find out that one grad started, the Chinese equivalent of Google.  I just finishing registering for classes in the fall myself – I’ll be a full-time student again soon!

This school week was busy with two activities: a jiao war, the Chinese equivalent of a penny war, where we met our fundraising goal to support a local migrant school; and science olympiad, which got the kids out of classes the entire day on Friday.  They didn’t seem to mind.

Today is a very special day for a childhood friend of mine, Jeff Miller – he’s getting married!  Best wishes to him and Alaine as they start their new life together.