We’re telling our students this week about our decision to return to the US.  It seems early, but people more experienced at this third-culture thing say that we need to give them time to process before we go.  Hopefully that doesn’t include shutting down on us completely.  I realized this past week that the transition is beginning to hit me emotionally.  I am likely to be a wreck those last few weeks…  The logistical stuff is coming together.  We are waiting for a visit from a shipping company, so we can make some final decisions on what to send and what to sell.

Four rehearsals left before I lead the choir to Tianjin!  Aaack!!  I’m really looking forward to this year’s Festival.  I will be accompanying the mass choir again (yay!), and I’m so excited to have a bigger group this year.  I probably am biased, but they’re starting to sound pretty good!  And they are finally able to recognize when they’re not making good sounds, which is a bigger step then you might realize.

Dan will be traveling with me this year, which will be nice.  Our first full day of rehearsals happens to land on my birthday, so it will be good to at least have Dan around if I’m not at home.  We’ll have to celebrate with Bailey another day…  ;-D