Time flies.  Sarah and I have about three months left in China before we head back to the US – clearly less than 100 days.  And we will have spent three years of our lives, the first three years of our marriage, in China.  Heading back to the States will be heading back to the familiar and the unknown at the same time.

We had some people traveling through China make a stop at our school this week, and Eric Kilgore played some songs for our High School students on Tuesday.  It’s nice to have a fresh face talk to the students, as they listen to me most every weekday.

My life this week was filled with non-teaching details for school: school sweatshirts, next week’s jiao (penny) war, planning for the spring formal, taking care of random details for the spring play and the auditorium equipment, turning in budgets for next year.  Sometimes I enjoyed the diversion; sometimes it was just a lot of stuff to do when I had grading to do as well.  Filling out budgets for next year allows me to ask for lots of stuff that I’m not paying for.  Of course, I’m not using it, either.

Sarah was sick last week; this weekend it’s my turn.  So while Sarah is wandering around the city, I’m lying on the couch with my puppy on my legs.  I’ll be here a while.