After many weeks of unseasonably cold weather here in Chengdu (and around the world, in fact), we have started to see signs of spring.  Winter in Chengdu is depressing; though it never snows (well, almost never), the sky is dreary and the humidity allows the cold to seep into your bones.  This is the main reason people run away during the New Year to Thailand: to find the sun!  But the darkness causes the light to seem much more bright, and sunny days over the weekend and today have helped everyone’s spirits.

These days not much is going on, though we are gearing up for a busy final quarter of school.  The student government put on a talent show on the 22nd, and with some last-minute planning, it turned out really well.  (I posted some pictures – See for yourself!)  Other than that, not much has been going on at school.  Year book photos, planning for future events and dramas – in other words, school is normal.  We’re in the middle of a video curriculum during our weekly assemblies, and I think it’s getting our students to think about more important things in life.

Sarah and I are amazed at how quickly time is moving.  Now that we know we are heading back to the US in June, the days seem to be speeding up.  Think of us as we continue to plan the transition back and make all the arrangements.

Oh, and there are still fireworks going off as I write.  If Sarah and I aren’t excited to go see a July 4th display, you know why.

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