The Pentagon’s research wing, DARPA, has released information to the press regarding an unmanned vehicle that can drive over or through most anything.  What caught my attention was the controls for the vehicle:

Surprisingly, the Crusher’s engine is ripped from a diesel Volkswagen Jetta. Its testers “drive” it with controllers for racing video games. A hacked Apple iPhone gives remote updates of the Crusher’s internal diagnostics. And a standard Xbox 360 controller raises the mast antenna, rotates the cameras and, given the situation, fires the weapons.

Soldiers “could finally put those ‘Halo’ skills to good use,” joked Welby.

So entertainment devices have found a more practical function.  Once again, I would have thought that the progression of use for technology would have been reversed.

On a personal note, I miss the days of controllers with less than 10 buttons.  I like the Wii for that reason: fewer buttons.  Anyone want to buy me one?  šŸ™‚