We survived the onslaught.  Like I said from the war zone last night, the fireworks kept going from about 7.00pm until after 1am.  We contributed to the madness with a couple of bottle rockets from our rooftop, but this was nothing compared to all the other craziness.  Roman candles were being fired in arches from both sides of the road.  No one really cared where they were, or what might get hit (some kids were aiming at passing cars) – they fired them off anyway.  This shows a particularly busy moment close to midnight:

To give you another idea of the craziness, here’s another view of the fireworks from our bedroom window.  You may be able to see one point where the camera pans to a family shooting fireworks from their second floor balcony.  Wow.

The fireworks are pretty well done now, though occasionally you still hear the odd fireworks shooting.  What’s funny about this is that people don’t turn off their car alarms; whenever there is an explosion you hear a couple of car alarms right after.  You’d think they would learn…

I went out for breakfast late this morning – most things are closed, but McDonald’s stayed open – and piles of fireworks leftovers are lining the streets.  Why does China have poor environmental conditions?  It’s not because of their current industrial revolution.  Oh, no.  It’s because of the fireworks.  🙂