It’s almost 12.30 in the morning, and Sarah and I aren’t sleeping.  We would be, except for all the fireworks still going on outside.  Right outside.  At varying levels of intensity for the last five hours.  Pictures and video to come, after all the madness is finished and we get some sleep. 

For now, we say goodbye to the year of the golden pig, and welcome to the the year of the rat!  Interested in learning more about what the animals mean than what is given on a  Chinese restaurant place mat?  Check this site out.  Want to see the true side of China?  Check these pictures out.  OK, no more links for now – goodnight!

UPDATE: It’s 1.15AM, and the fireworks are still going, though they’ve slowed down a bit.  Apparently the year of the rat is a big deal, even for Disneyland. (Hong Kong, that is)