As promised, our site has gone through some changes over the past week.  Most of the changes have already been made, though some small tweaks may still be in order.  Thanks to Brian for his work on this template.

Other than the noticeable aesthetic changes site-wide, the major difference with the site now is that the blog is now accessed from the homepage, which means that there is a new rss feed for those who take advantage of this feature.  The picture gallery can be accessed while still having access to links to the rest of the site.  We still have information about us, as well as past newsletters and other files and contact information, which has been updated.  We are using Windows Live Writer to update the site, but are still partial to the freedom that WordPress brings to the publishing process.  (We could always do movies here, but have only recently started to do so – look for more in the future!)

That’s all for now, but one fact about Chinese New Year before I go: the fireworks are still going – more sporadically than before, but they’re still coming!

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