Sarah and I are loving the relaxed week… not doing much, just enjoying our time.  Santa Rosa, California is a great place.  The downtown area is confusing to drive through, but very pleasant otherwise – mostly due to an archaic regulation allowing no building to be taller than the court/state house (I forget which).  So though the city is a moderate size of 150,000, the downtown area is still pleasant to walk through.

We went shopping today – and at the risk of sounding like a girl, I searched out the good deals and was successful.  I’m a big fan of Banana Republic, but most of the time it is out of my price range – so it’s thrilling to find good clothing on the clearance rack.  Not a block away from a Barnes and Noble there is also a bookstore literally stuffed with books.  I could spend hours in this place.  I found a 1977 copy of A Severe Mercy that I picked up and Sarah promptly stole to wrap for my birthday next week.  Santa Rosa also has a weekly outdoor market on Wednesdays – we had other plans for dinner and such today, but tomorrow we’ll have to try it out…

With the whole facebook applications craze right now, I should say that I probably won’t use iLike because I’m too lazy, though that may change during the summer… but I certainly won’t be installing the “superpoke” application, as I’m afraid of what my students might do to me.