Since getting back to the States, I have been struck by the increasing influence of Mormonism on American culture.  In reading current events, hearing about the race towards November 2008, even walking around Santa Rosa, influences are clearly seen.  I was aware that Jon Heder, the actor who became famous through his work on Napoleon Dynamite (great movie!) is Mormon, as are many from the movie; Presidential candidate Mitt Romney cannot get away from his religious stance, which probably will hurt him in the primaries; random people like the founder of Jetblue and a family of 5 classical piano players, all of which attended Julliard.

What’s the big deal?  How are Christians to respond to the increasing influence of Mormonism?  I find myself caught in tension here.  The groupings of religious beliefs generally put Mormonism in with other beliefs of Christianity, whereas an examination of various beliefs shows that to be false.  On the other hand, the similarities between Christianity and Mormonism are excellent bridges into further discussion, so to disavow any relationship between the two beliefs removes valuable opportunities for witness.  It is a tough situation.  I would note a book I found valuable on this discussion, among others.  This book looks at hot topics of the day and presents responses to religious challenges to Christianity.

Any other books or resources to recommend?  I’d appreciate some further reading on this topic over the summer.