If this was done correctly, than all posts written on my website will now be appearing on my facebook profile as well.  So, if you are reading the blog for the first time facebook friends, welcome!  Sarah and I maintain a separate site to keep family and friends in the loop as we work halfway around the world.  It is also the place to put all of our pictures, as well as some other random things – you’ll have to check it out!

In other news, Sarah and I have left the Los Angeles area, flying on Horizon Air up to Sarah’s parents in Santa Rosa.  The flight was a short, but entertaining one, as the pilot and attendants were craking jokes and even doing some trivia along the way.  Landing for the first time in the Santa Rosa airport was an experience.  Usually we would fly into San Francisco or Oakland – these airports are only 60 to 90 minutes away.  Recently Santa Rosa, a town of about 120,000, started recieving flights again – only three a day.  The airport is small.  It wasn’t terribly clear if we were landing on a runway or in an abandoned Walmart parking lot.  The airport is little more than a large ranch house, and the baggage claim is a metal ramp in front of an automatic garage door.  I’m not making this up.  Everything went well, and we spend the next weeks preparing for a wedding and relaxing with more of Sarah’s relatives.