We have a final quote for shipping some things back to the States, the rest of our stuff is selling quite nicely, and we’re still standing.  It actually looks like this all might go smoothly – gasp!!  That can only mean that you all are keeping us and this move in your prayers.  Thank you!

There are a few pictures posted from our trip to Tianjin (choir and soccer) as well as the spring play.  Look in CDIS-Spring 2008.  We should have some better pictures from those events added before the end of the year.  This Saturday is the Spring Formal (I got a new dress!), the next Saturday is Solo & Ensemble (pray for judges!), the Saturday after that is a work day before a week of holiday (we’re planning to travel to Jiuzhaigou), the next Saturday is an open house/yard sale, and that puts us smack dab in the middle of May and the last leg of the race.   

Whew!!  Fun times ahead!  😀