We started our Chinese New Year break with three days of not sleeping in.  Very sad.  But the time has been useful.  Saturday Sarah and I took a 4-hour trip east of Chengdu to a town named Long Chang.  We went there to participate in a New Year’s meal our school helped underwrite.  For some of these kids, it is the only time in the year that they eat meat.


After sitting in on a New Year’s ceremony, we walked to a restaurant and had a meal with them, and then visited two of the poorer students’ homes.  During this time some older girls latched on to Sarah, and were sad to see her go.


It was a long trip, but hey, we’re on break – so it’s something to do.  Sunday we got up early to lead music at the fellowship.  Today we pulled ourselves out of bed for the Superbowl!  The game was a bit slow in the beginning, but it was quite the nail-biter at the end, right about when the Internet connection caused the video feed to skip a bit.  So sad.  We’re happy we were able to see the game at all.  Maybe another time for that 19-0 season…

We are going to make a few changes to our website over the next week or two.  (It is not going to be down for 6 months like before.)  The major change will be the location of the blog: rather than being at theroebers.com/blog, it will start on the site homepage.  So anyone who uses an RSS feed to access our posts will have to change the feed after the switch.  Hopefully the site will be better when I’m done tinkering!