The snow has been a fun surprise (it was on the rooftops again yesterday morning!), but that’s not the only change going on in Chengdu.  It is now "official" that we will be leaving our home of three years and moving to Dallas in June.  Strange, how it’s a little scary to be returning to our home country.  We have come to feel so at home in Chengdu – a great school, a nice apartment, a comfortable (and inexpensive) lifestyle.  Granted, Sarah is looking forward to things like going to the grocery store without having to stand on a crowded bus for an hour each way!  But, in general, married life in the good old US of A is a great unknown for us!  We haven’t had to deal with insurance, car problems (does scooter trouble count?), renting vs. buying, and the list goes on…  At least we can take care of it all in English!

We are very excited to be moving to Dallas, despite the fact that neither of us has ever been there, because of the large number of friends and acquaintances already there.  Sarah feels like she has a great advantage in the music world, walking into a place where people know her and can vouch for her abilities (though she says her skills have been waning a bit – gotta get to practicing again!)  It’s also nice to have people who can give advice on where to live and what to do in the area.

So, here we go!  Taking a big step into the semi-unknown and moving on to a new phase of life.  Exciting!!