It looks like we’ll be able to take a cruise down the Yangzi (Yangtze) River over Thanksgiving break! The four-day cruise lines up perfectly with our time off school, and we (with the help of my Chinese tutor) found a company that will provide us with a “4-star hotel” room on the boat, an English-speaking tour guide, meals, and our ticket to tour the Three Gorges Dam. All this without ripping us off too much. 😉 It should be a relaxing trip, and an experience that will soon be unavailable. The water level will be raised completely by 2009.

In more current news, we’re celebrating (??) National Day this week. Today was our last day of school, and we’ll head for the ISC teachers’ conference in Beijing on Wednesday. I’m looking forward to reconnecting with the other music teachers, as well as the Early’s & friends at other schools. Oh, and hopefully a trip to Outback Steakhouse…. yum!