…yeah, I know.  The election is 16 months away.  But with everything I am constantly seeing, I think it would be good to put my predictions, such as they are, on paper.  In the midst of primaries, the Democrats are talking up who is the front-runner: Obama came out with a statement, recently followed by Hilary’s.  The Republicans, meanwhile, still have no formidable frontrunner, knowing that Guiliani has name recognition but sacrifices the base.  The liberal press is out to find anything bad against Thompson they can so he is no longer regarded as the conservative savior the party needs; very little of substance has been found.

So, what’s going to happen?  Here’s what I am confident on now: Clinton will win the Democratic primary, and even with tapping Obama for VP, will lose in the general.  Against whom – I don’t know.  Why – simple: the Democrats love Hilary, but the Republicans hate her.  The election will be very partisan, and when that has happened in the recent past, Republicans come out on top.

Who will I vote for – primaries or election?  Much too early to say…