First things first, our baby boy is doing very well. He slept through the night in his cage last night – yeah!!! and was super-hyper this morning. 🙂 Yesterday, he was taken to the groomer for his first bath. Call me a bad mother, but I was laughing at the sight of him soaking wet! He’s so skinny without all his curly fur!
This weekend found us downtown at a women’s conference. Yes… both of us. 😀 I was helping with the music, and Dan had the pleasure of running the soundboard again this year. After a day and a half with over 120 ladies, he felt the great need to eat steak, wrestle somebody, grunt and growl, etc… I think he has recovered now.
The middle school students are away this week (yeah!!!) on their spring trip. The high school travels next week, and we get to chaperone! I bought sleeping bags yesterday – this is going to be some hard-core, no showers for a week, hike the mountain camping!! I’m sure it will be more than a little amusing. 🙂 We’re looking forward to beautiful sights and a new part of China. Not so much looking forward to the nine-hour bus ride… We’ll keep you posted!