Happy New Year!  February 18 is the lunar, or Chinese New Year celebration.  Carnivals have been seen and random fireworks have been heard around the island, though not nearly as many fireworks as we’re used to in China.  We’re going to buy some and have our own little celebration off of our rooftop before school starts again.  🙂

Here’s another update from Phuket, Thailand – last night we attended the Phuket International Blues Festival.  Good times, which got better as the night went on.  Cannonball was alright, the Groove Doctors were funny, and the girl who sang (I forgot her name but her Dad is a big singer as well) was wonderful.  We didn’t stick around for the last band… a little too late for us to be heading back to our hotel if we did.  We’ve been using a rented motorcycle to get around the island – good times!

This morning we went for a ride on an elephant.  Interesting.  When we get back to China we’ll be sure to post some pictures on the blog, with a complete collection to be seen on the website’s picture page.  Tonight we relax, and tomorrow morning we’re off to Bangkok for a few days…