Yesterday we took a trip out to Coral Island – just 15 minutes on a speedboat – where we swam, snorkeled and relaxed on the beach. It was a beautiful day, and the fish were incredible! We have no idea what kinds of fish we saw, but think “Finding Nemo” and we probably saw it. (Minus the sharks) 😀 There were all sorts of coral and colorful anenomes to see as well.
Our resort is great – not too crowded, nice pool, good breakfasts… We rented a motorbike, so we’re zooming around the island to check out markets, restaurants, mini-golf courses, the usual. 🙂 Tonight we’re going to a Blues Festival hosted by the Hilton. When we went to pick up our tickets, we realized that we will likely never vacation at such a place… that’s okay, though. We were definitely underdressed!
Four more days of sun and blue skies!!