Yesterday (Saturday) our new staff arrived in Chengdu: a single guy named Glen and a family with four kids named the Scotts.  We’re happy to have new staff, and can’t believe that the summer has gone so quickly!  New staff means that meetings are coming soon, and then we begin another school year!  I’m excited. 
I have been speaking at the International Fellowship for the past few weeks – we’re looking at the book of Habakkuk.  I’m learning a lot from the book and hoping that others are encouraged as well.  We’re walking through the book in three weeks’ time, and then the fellowship will send us off to our own northwest plant. 
Another step in our apartment renovation is complete: we now have a garden on our roof!  Sarah will be picking out flowers this week and we’ll get pics up soon.
We bought a webcam today – want to talk to us while looking at us at the same time?  Let us know!  We already have a skype account – our name is theroebers – but would also be happy to set up a different messaging account to be able to video conference with you!