Hello readers!
Sorry for the distance between posts.  Sarah and I have been a little busy, but the real reason is that I was expecting to change over the website sooner.   As you can see, it hasn’t happened yet, but it should be changing soon!
We have been keeping busy in Chengdu and Sichuan province, working on our Chinese and making changes to our apartment.  We also went away this past weekend to the Wolong nature reserve – about a 5 hour trip from Chengdu, it allowed us to escape the heat and humidity of Chengdu (the news is saying it’s the hottest it’s been in 30 years!) and see some beautiful scenery.  I’ve also been busy with my online course with DTS, and will also be speaking in fellowship the next three Sundays.  Finally, we also have been doing "Dinner and a Movie" at school – a chance to eat some western food and enjoy a movie in our auditorium.
That’s all for now – people are painting our living room… I should go see how it’s going.  We’ll put pictures up when our transformation is complete.