…sorry. Things have been busy, as you can imagine. Here are some highlights from the past 10 days or so:
– We moved into our new school! It’s been exciting to see the culmination of our preparation and God’s faithfulness as we settle into our new building. Last week we had some issues, dealing at different times with no water, no gas, no power… (apparently us International types like to waste energy on that wasteful thing called heat) but we are working through the issues and things are settling into place. Sarah has begun teaching 2 music classes, and I’ve got to play around with the sound and light stuff in the auditorium.
– We’re moving! An apartment has been found on the side of the city that our new school is on, and hopefully within the next few weeks we will be able to relocate to our new abode. It is a 6th and 7th floor apartment, with place for a garden on the roof. We’re excited, and trying to figure out where we should put things…
– We’re going to Malaysia! We have 2 weeks off for Chinese New Year at the beginning of February, so 5 couples here have opted to take off for Malaysia for most of the time. We are tentatively planning on seeing Singapore for a day as well… we leave on February 1 and return February 11. We’re excited!
These are the big things going on… we hope all is well with you!