Hello all! The weekend went by quick. Sarah and I didn’t get to do much together, as the guy’s retreat was going on until noon today, but we still kept ourselves busy. It’s amazing the similarities to home that one can aquire in China. Sure, we have the commercialized McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, etc., but there’s more than that. One of the games the guys were playing yesterday required me to be a checkpoint at a restaurant. So there I was, grading papers and eating all of my “Chinese” food: chili and tortilla chips, finished off with apple pie and coffee! Tonight Sarah and I went out to a nice Mediterranean place. My risotto was tasty, and Sarah’s salmon ravioli wasn’t half bad either. In short, there’s good western food in China. Though I am still figuring out how to organize everything to make the best use of the limited space I have, there are now more pictures online for your viewing pleasure! The new album has pictures from our recent book character day. Enjoy!