Hi! Busy week, but time to update… The planning for the upper school Christmas Play was rushed into fruition this week as auditions were held on Monday and Tuesday, and the first read-through was today after school. We have 5 weeks until performance! It’s going to go by quickly, but the kids will do fine. If I keep my sanity, I’ll do alright too! Right now, "Soul Hunters," a retreat of sorts for the High School men is going on. It’s good to hang out with the kids outside of school. I’m helping with the devo’s, but not staying the night with them. I’ll leave that to more… willing hands. 🙂 We recently found out that we aren’t going to Thailand for Thanksgiving break like previously expected, so Sarah has been booking flights and hotels for us to spend the break in Hong Kong! I’m excited – especially about Disney Land. (I feel like a little kid, I’m so happy!) We’ve got lots of pictures… I’ve just been pretty behind in getting them uploaded. I’ll try to do better. Really. Hopefully this weekend. Hope all is well where ever you are reading this!