Hello! It has been quite a week… having been gone all last weekend, it felt like we were going for two straight weeks. This weekend is much needed, for sure! There were some interesting points to note this week: first, I took my first big risk here in China and got my hair cut. Boy, could that have been a disaster… but fortunately, it looks pretty nice (or so Sarah says, anyway)! The people were laughing at me the entire time for not being able to lay down the whole way to get my hair shampooed, or when the guy who cut my hair had to make a "whoo"ing noise to imitate a hair dryer. It got the point across. Lots of opportunities for playing music and speaking the Word over the past week – very exciting for me. Sarah has been busy with piano lessons this week, as well as working on the library. We are implementing a new computer program which allows greater search capabilities, and all of the books have had to be put in to the system. Hopefully it will be done by the end of this week. Rice is a big part of our diet here, and it can get a little tiring… so tonight Sarah made some tortillas for our food. They were oh so tasty. It was a welcome change to our diet… OK, this is getting long… new pics have finally been posted of our apartment – check them out from the pics page.