I suppose I should add my two cents to our blog… Piano lessons start today, and I am so excited!! I’ll teach one this morning, and three after school. My morning student is Meghann Scaife, another of the non-teaching wives. We’ve been able to spend some good time together, and I look forward to getting to know her better. Dan’s guitar is fabulous! It’s so nice to have his music in the house now. Our curtains are up, our clock is up, and the living room is looking more and more homey. 😀 It’s been fun to move from the needs to the accessories and make this place ours. Before it gets too cold, we’ll get rugs for the front room and the office. Hardwood and tile get pretty cold in the wintertime. We’re on to the fourth week of school already. Crazy to think we’ve already been here a month and a half. Good news is that I’ve stopped thinking my responses in Spanish. Of course, now we have someone on staff from Peru, so I actually could use my Spanish if I wanted to. I think my brain would get more muddled than it already is!