I’m convinced that teachers like Saturdays as much, if not more than the students do. After 5 days of early mornings and long days, I am looking forward to a free day. And today has been a good day! (and it’s not only because we slept in) The day has been filled with going to music market and searching a shop for the perfect guitar. I ended up picking out a Washburn acoustic-electric that looks great and sounds just as wonderful. It was slightly more expensive than I wanted to pay, but 2000 yuan (~$250) is still a great price. Les, our principal, took Sarah and I there, and is friends with the guy who sold me the guitar, so I know it was a good price. After a good lunch at Peter’s with the Williams, we went to pick up our new curtains for our living room. They look nice – Sarah picked out nice colors. Pictures of our apartment will be up soon!