So that list that Dan gave you in the last post is all but done…  We’re in the middle of the last “task” – saying difficult and not-so-difficult goodbyes.  It was tough on Friday, saying goodbye to students that we likely will never see again.  Others were not so hard, like those friends who are also returning to the States or who have friends and family in the Dallas area.  We had a great last Sunday at the International Fellowship.  I got to play the piano for one last time, and we enjoyed lunch at Peter’s Tex Mex with a fantastic family that we have come to love over the past three years – thanks Funkys!!  😀  We even got to say goodbye to Peter himself!

We had dinner with our friends the Ye’s on Thursday night.  It never fails to be an interesting experience, but they made home-made hot pot which was really yummy!  Our conversation was probably the best understood that we’ve ever had, which was a blessing and humorous at the same time.  They said when we have a “pang pang de” baby we have to return and visit them.  Although it has the connotation of “healthy,” “pang” is the word we learned for “fat,” so you can understand why I laughed out loud.  Mrs. Ye was quite serious though, and repeated the phrase several times.

Today is a packing day, but we have dinner lined up for tonight and the next two, so the goodbyes are being stretched out to the very last minute.  I don’t think it will fully hit until we leave NY for this “Dallas” place, wherever that is!  One exciting note – I’m in the running for an accompanist position with the Greater Dallas Childrens’ Chorus!  The director has been in touch multiple times and wasn’t able to fill the position after the June 3rd audition, so she wants to meet me when we arrive!  Yeah for networking! 

Here we go!!