This was our last stop of the day – described a few posts earlier.  We were directed to this village by the local leader – the man in the green jacket in the picture below.  He begged us to follow him up the hill a few kilometers to this farming village.  No one had been up there yet, and the only provisions they had were what he could deliver up from the distribution center on his motorcycle.  These people were so gracious and so grateful – once we got the things to them, they wanted to do all the work of unloading and stacking.  I was “yelled” at more than once – “No, No!  You brought this so far, let me, let me.”

 CDIS-May17-6 (Small) CDIS-May17-7 (Small)

This picture was taken on our way back through the town of Mianzhu.  If you look closely, there is a woman washing her clothes in a small “canal” running past what presumably was her home.  Even more incongruous… there were two small ducklings nestled in the midst of the rubble behind her.

 CDIS-May17-10 (Small)