I saw this graphic today, which effectively what I said in the last post about the effects of the main earthquake.  Here’s where it came from.


We went back to school today; some 20% of our students, especially our younger kids, stayed home with family.  Some older students were with parents, helping the recovery process.

Today was the first day we heard stories from our national staff.  Their words were heart-breaking.  Staff with families living in Mianyang, Mianzhu, Beichuan and other areas are still waiting to hear from some of their family, while others have already received the devestating news.  We heard of military paratroopers jumping into affected areas because there was no other way in.  They had no way to tell where they were jumping, and several were hurt in the process.

Though the aftershocks are decreasing in quantity and intensity, we in Chengdu still aren’t in the clear yet.  Damaged dams in Dujiangyan could cause further damage through massive flooding if they break; it was recently discovered that the dams were damaged in the main quake.

The Chinese people could use your help.  Our school has been helping Heart to Heart; the Chinese Red Cross is a major force in the recovery effort; Morning Tears is specifically helping children, especially those orphaned by this disaster.  All could use help.  We want to help with basic needs (water, food, shelter) now, but are also concerned with rebuilding infrastructure in the future.

More to come, I’m sure…