Tonight was the night Steven Curtis Chapman was supposed to grace our Chinese city with a concert.  Yep, I said supposed to: it didn’t work out.  While the other cities were still able to arrange a concert, our city’s western location has created some tension.  So although a local university was originally willing to let us use their 1,700 seat auditorium for the concert as a way to support the arts for their students, they decided to cancel with very little time for the concert organizers to reschedule.  We weren’t the only casualty: another sporting event at the university sure to draw a large crowd was also canceled.  I thought about putting on a concert myself; after all, Steven replaced me for a special music while I was at Cedarville.  I could just repay the favor, right?  🙂  Alas, it was not to be.

We are coming to the end.  We had our last company meeting last night; tears were shed.  While I write this people are rummaging through our stuff, looking for their own buried treasure in our used stuff.  Tonight I had a dinner meeting with old and new student government officers that was also attended by a different advisor to take the reins next year. 

We are heading towards a new beginning.  This week our school booked our international flight to the States, so we arrive at Binghamton Regional Airport on Thursday, June 12th at 11.25pm.  Or later.  I received my financial aid letter from Dallas Seminary this morning; it was a help and relief for my fall tuition bill.  I met a couple today who run a coffee house with two locations I am aware of: one in Chengdu, and one north of Dallas, TX.  These and more are making the transition more real, feasible, and smooth.

In other news, I had chocolate milk with my lunch today.  It was good.  I highly encourage drinking chocolate milk every once in a while.