International Day has come and gone!  Usually we have a day in the fall where we put on a show for the students during the school day and have some foods from different countries.  This year the event was turned into an after school carnival, including games put together by high school students and booths from local restaurants, as well as performances from many different countries.  It was an exciting time to celebrate the diversity in our school and in the world.

This being finished, We’re on our spring break!  May 1st is Chinese Labor Day, and we have a week off.  This is the last year the break will be so long; China is realized the issue of having the entire country’s population on a vacation at once (kinda like Christmas break – only with 1.3 billion people) and has now made other days official holidays: tomb sweeping day and the mid-autumn festival are two new celebrations.

But for now, we are enjoying our break – today we went to floraland, a recently built theme park outside of Chengdu that has taken some “creative license” with its design.  In other words, Disney would be proud…if they could make royalties off the place.  It was a nice day for the trip.

Tomorrow we are taking a few days away from Chengdu and heading to Chongqing, a trip by train of about 4 hours.  I’m sure there will be stories to tell when we return!