…from our desktop computer.  Don’t worry – we plan to keep updating this site for awhile!

We are currently in the middle of the transition process, which right now includes selling all unnecessary items.  We bought this desktop computer when we came to China; though it is much newer than our laptop (5 years old, but still ticking!  They’re both Dells, if you care), it is much larger as well.  (I know – a desktop is bigger than a laptop.  It suprised me too.)  So, all of our music, pictures, and the rest are being transferred to a portable hard drive, and soon our computer will belong to someone else.

This sounds a bit like an eulogy.  For a computer.  Is that weird?  I mean, I expect such fanatisim from an apple user, but maybe I’m going a little overboard.  Anyway.

We had an absolutely beautiful weekend here.  Sarah presided over the annual solo and ensemble competition, while I took a much needed weekend off.  The sun was out in full force, which is an oddity for our cloudy city, so some students took advantage of the rays…for six hours.  At least one didn’t come to school yesterday due to his sunburn.

Many more “moving” stories to come…