The odd quirk of mixing a Chinese and American calendar is two large breaks from school in close proximity to each other: we just finished our first week back to school, yet we only have three more weeks left before another two-week vacation.  It makes it difficult to get some things done – the kids come back and are already thinking about not having school…

Thursday night Sarah and I, along with another teacher, Adelle, went to the airport to pick up a friend.  My roommate Andy flew in from Beijing for a couple of days before heading on to other places in China, as well as Laos and Thailand.  (We have two two-week breaks; the Chinese New Year gives Andy a full month off at the same time!)  I gave him the tour of the school, we did the obligatory trip to the Pandas:


(There were cuter ones – but we weren’t allowed to take pictures)

In other news, our puppy Bailey got fixed on Thursday, but he has fully recovered with most of his manhood intact.