It’s Friday, and I (Dan) am taking a much-needed day off from school. Between the performances last weekend, getting things squared away with the play through this week, and Sarah’s concert last night, things have been busy. Here’s how things have been going:

Last weekend, some of my students performed a musical adaptation of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, and it was a huge success. The first play I directed here in Chengdu here was performed once, but the popularity of the plays has been increasing steadily so that this last weekend we had four performances in our small auditorium, and over 600 people came! It has been a thrill to work with these kids, and they had a great performance. I’ll try to put up some pictures soon on this website, but until that happens, here’s a link to some pictures on facebook:

Sarah and the other music directors at CDIS came together for a Christmas concert last night, and it was termed the best concert we’ve had in the three years we have been here. There were performances by the 2nd-5th grade choirs, the middle school band, a flute choir, Sarah’s 8th grade music class, and her high school choir, which was split into a men’s group and a women’s group for some songs

We got our Christmas tree this week; both of us really enjoy live Christmas trees, but it has been hard to find good trees to use. Sarah, on a tip, went to a local plant market and found a beautiful 7-foot tree. It lights up our apartment well!

The end is in sight: next week is finals week, and then we have two weeks off! Sarah has reserved a hotel in and flights to
Hainan, an island known as the Chinese Hawaii. It will be a nice break!