We currently have to jump through hoops to be able to access our website from the country we’re in, so posting on the blog has
become a little more of a hassle.  I’ve been looking for a free method to provide easy access; all the sites we use to get here get blocked eventually. Nothing so far – but if anyone is interested in letting their computer be a proxy server for us, send me an email…

In the last weeks I’ve thought several times of things I would like to write here… now if I could recall them! Fellowship last week exemplified the international situation we’re in, with songs sung in English, Hindi, and Mandarin.  In group talking to Dad an Australian and a British man were followed by an American southern woman with a thick accent.  It was thrilling to hear the variety and funny at the same time.

About 35 of our kids headed to Qingdao for the annual basketball tournament.  We sent five teams this year: three boys teams
(High School varsity and JV and Junior High) and a High School and a Middle School girls’ team.  Two of the teams won their division; another got second.  All played with good attitudes, which was what I encouraged them to do.  (I tried to go with them as the team chaplain, but it didn’t work.) 🙂

Work on this year’s Christmas play, A Christmas Carol, is progressing well.  We only have two more weeks before our performance weekend!  It has been exciting to hear all of the support for the play from the area – we have already added one more performance, and I’ve received at least four requests for us to perform at locations other than the school.  The set is coming together slowly, but it’s getting there.  I asked our handyman to give some woodwork to a local carpentry shop, and the materials showed up on Wednesday; that made our lives much easier.

Happy Thanksgiving!  We’re having lots of food – three different meals spread out throughout the week, rather than one!  I’ve been playing Christmas music in my classroom since the beginning of November; is suppose it’s more appropriate now!