The web proxies are slowly but surely being blocked… If we stop posting, trust that we’re still alive and well, we just can’t get to our site. We’ll get a update out to everyone by email soon.
Today is Book Character Day at school. I’ve not put any thought into it this year, but Dan is all decked out – suit, tie, overcoat – as Jack Ryan from the Tom Clancy novels. He looks like an FBI agent (not that I’ve ever met one personally, but based on TV shows…)
The student government is throwing a fall festival tonight – “Oktoba-faste.” Apparently that’s the sort of name that comes from a group of ESL students. We’re still not quite sure what it’s supposed to entail. Except, I bought a ticket AND have been asked to help provide treats. There was no talking my students into giving me my 10 yuan back! 😀 Ah well.
We had Bailey’s dad with us for a few days recently. It was nice to have another dog for Bailey to play with, but it became clear to us that one schnauzeur is enough for our apartment, particularly for the couches!
Well, happy autumn to you all. Good luck with the pumpkin carving!