School is back to full swing again after a week away.  Last Wednesday we flew to Beijing for a teacher’s conference; in addition to seeing friends from other schools and having some great conference speakers, we also partook (a funny word) in western food: Outback Steakhouse and Annie’s Italian Restaurant.  Outback in Beijing is very similar to the restaurant in the States, sans the Apple goodness usually served with the ribs.  China’s eatery substituted a corn and peppers thing.  It was ok, but not as good as the cinnamon apples.  (I am very much missing hot apple cider this fall.  We can warm up apple juice and add some cinnamon, but it’s not the same as this place.)

From here we’ve got a steady pace to keep as we head towards Thanksgiving.  Rehearsals for A Christmas Carol start on Wednesday; we don’t get very busy until after the International Schools of China Basketball tournament in the middle of November.

That’s all for now…