To see the media reports, one would think that only crazy people don’t believe in man-made global warming; “everyone” thinks it’s true.

But to read this blog posted on the US Senate website, consensus among scientists is actually closer to a 50-50 split:

And this website shows confusion among the scientific community, with four switches in opinion over the past hundred years – cooling, warming, cooling, warming:

Perhaps in spite of Mr. Gore’s $100 million/yr. advertising budget and the media frenzy, cooler heads will prevail.

My view: regardless of the current “popular” rhetoric, I believe we have a responsibility to take care of the planet we have been given.  This is not a radical environmentalist agenda  – this is simple things like turning off the lights when you leave the room.   Don’t waste electricity when not needed.  Walk places when you can, or ride a bike.  This article has some good ideas; I particularly like the incredibly practical concept seen at this website, which focuses on computer energy consumption when not in use.  I have one even better: turn the computer off when you’re finished using it.  Simple ideas; save money; take care of what you have been given.