It’s been awhile since you’ve heard from me… never fear, I am still alive! 😀 Dan already gave you the scoop on our airport fun. One Providential thing that he didn’t mention: as a result of our missed flight and subsequent delay, we were able to be of service to two guys from Qingdao – a city on the eastern coast of China. They were heading to school in Pennsylvania, spoke very little English, and their flight out of Dulles was canceled. As crazy as our schedule was, there was a joyous flash of clarity in knowing that we were there at that time to make their trip a little easier.
Since our arrival, we’ve been in three states, heading for a fourth tomorrow, and two more next weekend. This whole east coast travel thing still weirds me out a little, coming from a state that takes a minimum of four hours to get across and eleven from top to bottom.
My dear friend and bridesmaid, Liz, is having a baby shower tomorrow, which I am SOOOO excited to be a part of. I’ve been thinking recently about how many people I have lost touch with, and how our lives have changed since leaving Cedarville, and I am so thankful for those I can still call my friends.