The pace of lazy days of summer has sped up this weekend with birthday festivities and wedding activities.  Here’s the lowdown:

Thursday Sarah took me out to play mini-golf (I love mini golf!) and play silly arcade games at Scandia funland.  Lunch was my first trip to In-n-out Burger; I was trained how to order before going, so I got a 3-by-3 animal style with fries animal style hold the sauce and a neapolitan shake.    Tasty!  After this, a matinee showing of Ocean’s Thirteen.  My opinion: better than Ocean’s twelve, but still not as good as the first one.  The evening contained dinner with friends of the bride arriving for the wedding of Mary Thengvall, Sarah’s sister and Ryan Rotman.

Friday was filled with setting up for the wedding at a family friend’s home, the rehearsal, and subsequent dinner, which was incredible.  It took place here, with a salad course, bruschetta course, ravioli course, New York steak, and apple pie a la mode.  Two and a half hours, and every minute was worth it.

Saturday was filled with the wedding.  It was a beautiful day – a little warm to be wearing a tux outside, but that’s alright.  Everything went smoothly.  I liked the decision to use the “sand ceremony” as part of the wedding.  Rather than lighting 2 candles and combining them into one, two vases of colored sand are combined into one, with the pastor pouring some white sand in first.  The resulting picture of the marriage is God as the foundation, and the couple being intertwined as one, though their individuality is still very evident.  We threw rose petals as the happy couple left; that’s a new one on me.  Pictures will be posted in the next week or so.

Sarah and I sang in church this morning, and are going to a King’s Brass concert tonight.  Until later…