We made it – Sunday after noon we flew from Chengdu to Beijing to Los Angeles… arriving Sunday afternoon.  The whole international date line thing is trippy.

Since getting to the US, I’ve realized that some things will be going faster, whereas some things will be going slower.  The general pace of things in the US is faster, though waiting in lines, at stop lights, etc. seems slower as it is actually organized.  The internet connection is faster (yes!) – getting websites from across the Pacific Ocean was bound to take some time… one thing will certainly be slower: our schedule.  The school year ended with a spring to the finish, and it was barely two days, not even the whole weekend, before we jump on a plane.  We’ve been here just one day – still dealing with jet lag, mind you – but the schedule is laid back, but grad work is still getting done and we’re seeing friends.

In other news, Sarah and I spent the day with Sarah’s grandparents – wonderful food, great times… except for sitting by the pool and getting sunburned.  Not the best thing for the first day of summer.  Hopefully it will clear up before DISNEYLAND on Wednesday.  (I’m a little excited.)