well, almost.  Bailey’s keeping me company.  🙂

After weeks of business, I have finally had the chance to slow down a little.
The play went great, by the way.  The kids worked incredibly hard, and I was so proud for their efforts and the results that were seen.  And I have just a little bit of admin work to do related to the play, and that’s it – don’t have to worry about it any more!  (Of course, we are planning on doing a children’s play in the drama class before the end of the year.)

So, this week has been somewhat restful.  I took Tuesday off to rest and get ready for Sarah’s birthday, when we went to downtown Chengdu for Pizza Hut and ice cream at a newly-opened Swenson’s.  I had almost forgotten what really good ice cream tastes like…

In one of my Theo classes today, we had a presidential debate, where each group was to form a Humanist political party and form a platform which a “Secular Humanist” would argue for.  Fun times.

Today Bailey and I hang out; tomorrow and Friday are parent-teacher conferences; Saturday and Sunday is a conference with my company.  We had a meeting today about graduation planning, which means the end of the school year is coming…