Well, we got back from Thailand and had a soft landing with the weather: temperatures were comfortable for about a week.  And then it got cold again.  But we’re pushing through, looking forward to warmer temperatures soon.

March (and April and May, for that matter) are a very busy time at our school.  Tomorrow we have the first fire drill at our new facility (we’ve been here over a year – it’s time we got around to it!), and play rehearsals are moving right along.  I’m helping to direct and produce “You Can’t Take it With You,” an enjoyable comedy about what’s really important in life.  Check out the movie – it’s got Jimmy Stewart and Lionel Barrymore in roles opposite from the roles they played in “It’s a Wonderful Life.”  The show opens Friday, March 23 for 3 performances.  Next week is especially busy, with visit to our school by the accreditation board we’re working with; the Science Olympiad taking up the day on Friday; and the first CDIS Talent Show Friday evening.  Should be an interesting week!

With Spring coming around, maybe this isn’t suprising, but Sarah and I have realized that it’s the time in friends’ lives around our age to start having children.  We’re aware of 5 people expecting – I won’t list names here, but congratulations to all 5.  Sarah doesn’t think the “baby bug” has bitten her, even after taking care of toddlers – being in China makes the process a little bit different. 

That’s it for now – we’d love to hear how you all are doing as well.  Be the first to leave us a comment on the site!