The sky is brown today.  It smells like the Central Valley when the rice fields are burning.  The haze goes all the way down to the street alongside our apartment.  Friday is supposed to be a clear(er) day; perfect timing for our all-school Field Day!  Parents are joining us for a fun time of games and sportsmanship.
We have some visitors this week!  Two guys from Cedarville are putting together a promo video for our school system.  They have one more stop after Chengdu, then will spend some time in Beijing before heading home.  One of them grew up in Dan’s hometown! It was fun to hang out and chat last night.  Cindy Fox is also here – she is responsible for most of the recent hires, as she travels to universities and convinces them to send new teachers to China。  She herself taught with our company for several years before resettling in the States.  We also welcomed a representative from Intel yesterday.  Hopefully, she was impressed and we’ll gain a few more students as the families move into the area.
It will be a crazy two weeks, and then we’re done!