First of all, we hope you had a wonderful Easter Sunday!  The special day allowed us the privilege of joining with other fellowships around the city and celebrating the resurrection together. 
Much of the rest of the day was spent shopping around for a television.  We found one that we liked and was much less than we hoped we wouldn’t have to spend – and we got a new dvd player along with it.  No more people looking like smurfs on our television…
My (Dan’s) students are currently working on the SAT.  Not to be confused with the college prep exam, the Stanford Achievement Test is being given to every grade this week to see how they fare compared to the rest of those who take this test.  It is a stretching experience for the number of kids for whom English is not their primary language, but all subjects are being tested and they seem to be doing alright.
Our website statistics have informed me that over the past 8 months, there have been over 2,000 visits to our site and almost 6,000 individual page loads.  Thanks for checking up on us – if anyone is wondering how to get ahold of us, the website can help you with all the information.
A matter to lift up to the Father:  Sarah’s grandfather, Mr. Bruton, has been diagnosed with Leukemia and his situation has worsened rapidly.  Sarah will be traveling back on Friday to spend some time with him and family for two weeks.  We are asking Dad for Him to wait a while before taking Mr. Bruton home so that Sarah can have some time with him.