Here’s a quick update on what’s going on in China before my next class…
We had our annual science fair day last Friday, which included a quiz bowl, science olympiad, and pentathlon in addition to the judging and awards ceremony.  Though we aren’t sending kids on to the next level this year, the top projects in each age group received iPods… they were thrilled about that!
The weekend was a restful time, with Sarah and I traveling to the southeast side of Chengdu to shop for a bookshelf at a friend’s antique market.  We were worried it wouldn’t fit through the door of our apartment, but it made it in with only minor alterations (they took a hatchet to one of the corners), and now we have a place for our books.
Monday was Sarah’s birthday – she’s 24!  After school we celebrated by making pizza and lemon poppyseed muffins.  The presents from home were a welcome sight.
Our injured student, Susan, is still in the hospital but is recovering well after her surgery.  She is bored and ready to get back to school – it’s very nice to hear that sometimes.
We have two busy weekends coming up – an encouragement conference this weekend and a middle school retreat next weekend.  Should be fun!